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CH Wild Wind's Blue Star Orion CD HIT "Rion"

Rion was our dream dog. He was our first homebred champion, HIT obedience dog. TREMENDOUS herding dog, in fact all of the "herders" in other breeds always exclaimed "LOOK, he herds as intensely as a border collie!" We believe that Rion was the first champion blue marked white rough in the AKC. Rion won the open white dog class at CCA in 1987 with Pam Horack, his buddy who finished him for us, as my work schedule was awful at that time and I couldn't go to shows much. We lost Rion at 12 years of age, we still think of him often with love and see him every day in his wonderful grand and great grandkids he left us with. Rest well good buddy, we miss you!


CH Wild Wind's Turn Me Loose CD PT RE VA "Riley"

Riley was owned, loved and trained by my dear friend Janet Kaufmann.


Although Janet has owned collies for many years, Riley was her first show/performance collie. Janet always said Riley loved to learn new things and attempt any activity she tried with him. Janet handled Riley herself to his Championship. Riley was white factored and normal eyed.

CH Wild Wind's Back In Black CD CGC OFA "Buster"

Buster is shown in this photo at nine years of age taking BOV from the veterans class at the Collie Club of Colorado specialty in Denver, Colorado. Even at nine he was so sound and active that anyone seeing him would assume he was three or four years old. He was also normal eyed! Buster was always a golden boy (for being a black dog!) finishing his championship at 11 months in just a couple of weekends. Buster fathered his first litter when he was 7 years old, this litter contained our lovely Ch. Wild Wind's Just One Look, UDX2, HSAs, OA, OAJ, RN, ASCA CDX, VX, Ch. Wild Wind's Blu Light Special, OFA, and Ch. Wild Wind's Tangled Up In Blue.

CH Wild Wind's Lightning Strikes CD CGC TDI "Tyler"

Tyler was or beloved dream dog! He made history as one of the top winning white collies in the history of the breed. Tyler finished easily in tough Colorado competition. He is a multiple BOV and group placing, and group winning dog. Winning under both breeder and all-rounder judges in many different parts of the country. Some of my most memorable wins with Tyler have been under some of my most respected judges, Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Davis, breeder Judie Park, breeder Ted Kjellstrom and breeder Doris Werderman. Tyler always enjoyed being in the show ring. Tyler was mostly shown by myself.

CH Wild Wind's Magic Carpet Ride "Jasmine"

Jasmine was the beloved bitch of our daughter, Laura. She was Laura's first show dog and Laura trained and showed her to her championship by herself at the age of 10!  Jasmine is one of our well known Ch. Pinewynd's Sparkling Brut ROM & Ch. Wild Wind's On A Winter Night litter that produced six champions out of eight beautiful puppies. We are very proud of our girls!

Wild Wind's Avalon Summer Song CD PT CGC ASCA CD ROMP "Lyric"

Lyric was a lovely sound rough bitch and one of Laura's favorites. She was a VERY talented performance and agility dog. Lyric produced some gorgeous puppies most of which were normal eyed.


One of Lyric's puppies even went to Texas to learn to be a seizure alert dog.


Lyric was also awarded her ROMP as a top producer of performance puppies.

CH Wild Wind's Just One Look UDX2 HSAs OA OAJ RN ASCA CDX VX "Karma"

Karma and I accomplished more than I had ever dreamed I'd do with a dog. Even at 10 years old she was so smart, healthy, robust, athletic and enthusiastic! Karma was the third UDX Champion collie and the first Champion/ UDX2 collie in history.


Karma was truly my little "soul mate dog", I asked her all the time what I did to deserve a dog as amazing as she was and she would just wag her tail and let me know that she loved me.

CH Wild Wind's Dressed To Kill CDX HT AX AXJ RA ASCA CD VX ROM "Kiss"


On October 14, 2013 Laura came home from the shows in New Mexico and we had to let Kiss go peacefully. She waited for Laura to be here-she was so at peace and so ready as soon as her beloved Laura got here.


Kiss was Laura's choice from her birth. Her handling instructor at the time and I were not crazy about Kiss-we thought we should find her a pet home-14 year old Laura wanted her desperately and even threatened to run away from home with her beloved puppy, so "what is one more dog" I told myself, "Laura is more important", So Kiss Stayed.


Laura reveled in every point-Kiss had just turned 2 when she finally got her last major to finish-she was already entered in an upcoming small show in KS-and Laura announced that she was going to move her up and special her. "No, sweetheart" I said, "You should be glad she is finished". Well, Kiss went, won BOV every day and her 1st of countless, countless group placements-We all kind of missed Kiss growing into the beautiful, beautiful creature she became (except Laura who always had faith in her beloved Kiss). Kiss was Laura's first AMAZING agility dog, her 1st group winning dog and she and Kiss were a top Junior Handling team-racing from one ring to the next, Kiss never quit-many handler friends called Kiss "The Energizer Bunny" right down to the end of the day. I cannot count how many group placements Kiss had in total. When she was 7 years old, Laura said she would like to "play" with her as a veteran-and play they did-their 1st outing resulted in a BOV in a HUGE entry and a Group 2 at a large Colorado show-we retired the younger male we were specialing-as Kiss beat him at every turn. Within a month Kiss was the #2 All Breed smooth collie that year she stayed at the top of the all breed rankings with all of her group placing. Even at 7 and 8 years of age-at group time, everyone made way for Kiss and Laura go line up right behind the GSD in the group-she just flew around the ring at the end of the leash with Laura.


Kiss teamed up with our darling Jessica LaFrenier in Junior's-when Jessica's dog Christy quit enjoying the Junior's ring-Kiss stepped in, Laura had aged out and Kiss was ready to be back in action-and yet again, she became a top Junior. Handling teammate with Jessica for many years the girls were back in action.


Kiss also became an ROM with 6 beautiful champion daughters and a Champion son.


Rest well, sweet girl, you will be so missed, but your legacy lives on through your beautiful kids and grandkids still making us so happy in our lives, we will see your sweet soul every time we look at them. We love you so.

Wild Wind's Can't Fight This Feelin' CDX HIT PT HSAs NA "Reo"

Reo is and amazing girl! She is singled out in the breed ring and has major reserves. Reo amazes me all the time with how much she loves to work! She adores obedience, she attained her CDX in two weekends with scores in the 190's and a 2nd place at a large obedience trial. She received her HIT at our regional specialty. All of the obedience judges comment on what an amazing working collie she is! We are now working with Reo in Utility. She is fast and enthusiastic in agility and she is a tremendous herding dog.

CH Wild Wind's Free Fallin'  RN "Tom"

Tom is an amazing dog. Our son of CH Hawk's Nests Tymeless Journey CD,HT,NAJ,VA who we had for a short time here in Colorado. Tom finished at just 7 months of age with 4 majors. After growing up he has competed successfully as a special and has multiple group placements. Tom is currently working on Obedience, Agility, Herding and Rally. He is also the sire of many

stunning litters here at Wild Wind Collies. Tom is at stud to approved bitches.

CH Wild Wind's Just Push Play CDX HIAd HXAs NAJ RA  ASCA CD VX "Aero"

Aero is our third Versatility Excellent bitch! She is the daughter of CH Wild Wind's Just One Look, UDX2, HSAs, OA, OAJ, RN, ASCA CDX, VX. Areo went through advanced herding training with Linda Holloway. Herding is DEFINITLY Aero's specialty!

CH Wild Wind's Livin' On A Prayer "Skylar"

Skylar was Julie Billingsley's 2nd show dog, our daughter/handler Laura Bergstraser finished Julie's first dog Spirit for her-Julie wanted to show Skylar herself and what a job she did! Skylar finished by 10 months of age with 4 majors, several times going over top specials to finish! Julie and Skylar competed in agility and herding where I understand he excelled-his instructors called him AMAZING! What a team, we are so proud!​​​​

Ch. Wild Wind's Sharp Dressed Man "Kody"

​Kody was owned and handled by Jessica Barnes and finished his championship from the bred-by classes fairly quickly. He was a beloved junior dog for many years with Jessica, landing in the CCA Top 10 juniors quite a few times. Kody also did some rally obedience work with Jessica's aunt, Janet Kaufmann. 

CH. Wild Wind's Start Me Up CD RA "Race"

Race was a lovely dog, co-owned and co bred with our dear friend Janet Kaufmann. Janet and Laura owner handled Race to his championship, earning all of his points from the bred-by class. Race won very nicely at all breeds as well as specialties-under both all-rounder and breeder judges working towards his Grand Championship. He had a lovely face, head and expression, and was SO SOUND! He was talented on working sheep; he has a leg on his RA. Race was a smart, enthusiastic working dog as well as a beautiful show dog.  He sired a few litters here at Wild Wind Collies and we are THRILLED!

GCH Wild Wind's Tell Me No Lies "Tru"

Tru went to live with the Billingsley family. Julie had Laura handle Tru to his championship, which he did in short order. We let him grow up a bit and at a little over three years old Laura told Julie she wanted to "play" with him in the ring a bit in the end of 2012, and PLAY THEY DID! In just a few weekends of showing Laura had piloted Tru to many BOV wins as well as a Group 1, two Group 2's, a Group 3 and a Group 4! We couldn't be more thrilled or excited about this beautiful young boy!

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