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Multiple BISS Gold GCH Bit O Heavens Sorceress PT RN HIC "Tegan"


We are SO proud to announce the arrival of Multi BISS Gold GCH Bit O'Heaven's Sorceress, PT, RN, HIC. Thank you Michelle Tennis for letting this stunning, wonderful girl come live with us, we just adore her! She is and amazing addition to our kennel. She is smart, beautiful, loving and adores working. Tegan had a litter out of our multiple group placing CH Wild Wind's Free Fallin', CD, PT, RA and three from the litter are finished champions. We have great plans for Tegan including the specials ring, obedience, herding (she LOVES sheep!) and we'll even try agility.

CH Wild Wind's Don't Stop Believing "Journey"

​​I picked Journey from her litter at birth-a beautiful split face blue was my
dream dog and she has not disappointed me.  She is full of the devil, VERY
sure of herself and a blast to live with (usually).  Once Journey attained
her 1st point as a young dog, she finished VERY quickly in tough competition
all over the country.  In just 3 weekends she rose to 21 points with all of
her majors and champion wins for her Grand Championship! 

Journey will have a very special litter by our CH Wild Wind's Free Falling
CD,PT,NA,NAJ,VA OFA Excellent/PRA Clear before returning to the ring as a
special and beginning her performance career!  Watch our Upcoming Litters
page for puppy updates!!!

CH Wild Wind's Color Outside The Lines "Scribble"

Scribble was Laura’s choice and her girl since birth! This was a long awaited litter, the first litter for her beautiful mother Sunni-owned and loved by the Robischotti’s in CA and our new CH Race-CH Wild Wind’s Start Me Up CD,RA. Scribble has only been in the ring a couple of times while growing up-she is pointed and will be campaigned more seriously this winter!

CH Wild Wind's Silken Dalliance, CD


Our friend Stacy Kim fell in love with Dallie upon meeting her. I offered to let Dallie go live with Stacy on a co-ownership and it was immediately an amazing partnership.


With Stacy's wonderful training and handling and in a few shows Stacy piloted Dallie to her championship. While competing in conformation Stacy trained and trialed her for her Cd title in obedience, doing that in three shows with wonderful scores and placements. Stacy is now training Dallie in herding and they are both learning very quickly. They will also work on Open Obedience and Dallies Grand Championship.


Dallie has taken a little break to become a mother- Bred to the lovely and talented Ch Wild Wind's Living on a Prayer, PT, OA, OAJ, RN on July 2nd, 2013. Dallie presented us with eight lovely puppies- check out the puppies page for more information.

CH WIld Wind's Bewitched By Ewe "Samantha"

​Samantha had been sold as a puppy and ended up coming back to us at Wild
Wind.  Sam went to live with our Jessica LaFrenier who easily piloted her to
her championship-Sam and Jess are working on Samantha's GCH as well. 

Samantha is the mother of a BEAUTIFUL young litter out of CH Wild Wind's
Start Me Up CD,RN who as puppies have done some lovely winning-at 7 months Wild Wind's Prairie Dawn at Whispering Wind won 3rd in a HUGE 6-9 month Puppy Bitch class at the 2013 Collie Club of America and a Best Puppy In Sweeps at our Collie Club of Colorado Specialty show in April.  She has 2
major reserves as a young puppy-she will be back out when she coats back up this fall.  Sam and Race's son Flynn - Wild Wind's Rev On The Red Line won
WD/BOS over specials and then went on to BOS to BOB at the Collie Club of
Colorado Specialty Show-his first show for a 5 pt. major at just 7 months of
age!  We couldn't be more excited about this exciting litter!


Samantha wins a BOV at a large entry under respected breeder judgeMarjorie Tuff!!! She is well on her way to her GCH!


Watch for news on the planned repeat breeding of Samantha to our CH WildWind's Start Me Up CD,RA! This is the breeding that produced Wild Wind'sPrairie Dawn at Whispering Wind and the BEAUTIFUL NEAR GCH/CH Wild Wind'sRev On The Red Line!!!

CH Wild Wind's Mustang Sally "Sally"

Sally was one of those puppies who just drew your attention of all who looked at her. She was obviously a star in an overall beautiful litter. It was decided to find Sally a SERIOUS show home. Rebecca Eckstadt approached me desperately wanting a smooth bitch she could definitely finish and have some fun with. It was agreed that Sally would go live with Becky. Sally was expertly trained and handled to her championship in VERY short order (under a year of age) by our friend Judy Johnson in Iowa. We truly treasure Becky's love for and commitment to Sally, and Kim Wood and Judy's help and confidence in this girl, handling her to the success she has seen.

CH Wild Wind's Deuces Are Wild CD HXAs HSAd RA VA "Deuce"


Deuce is our long awaited daughter of our amazing Aero-CH Wild Wind's JustPush Play CDX,HIAd,HXAs,NAJ,ASCA CD,VX's last litter! She is tightlylinebred on Aero and Aero's dam Karma- CH Wild Wind's Just One LookUDX2,HSAs,OA,OAJ,RN,ASCA CDX,VX. 


Deuce has quickly become a heart dog for me, she is AMAZING in every performance venue she has been trained and trialed in, she has been working all of her Open and Utility skills since she was a puppy, mastering difficult skills like Scent Articles and go outs by a year of age! We are polishing for advanced obedience. By 3 years of age Deuce has already made a name for herself in the herding arenas-Experienced herding trialers from all over the country are already talking about her and asking about her! We are so excited to see what heights this amazing young bitch can reach!


Deuce will be bred this winter to our beautiful young rough CH Wild Wind's Rev On The Red Line "Flyn" finished In 4 weekends with specialty wins, and aGroup 2-NEVER losing WD any time he stepped in the ring! At 15 months ofage he has 15 pts, 2 majors and all champion wins towards his GCH! We areSO EXCITED about this upcoming litter!

CH Wild Wind's Moment Of Clarity RN "Jay"

Jay is out of our group winning, multiple group placing CH Wild Wind's Dressed To Kill, CDX, HT, AX, AXJ, RA, VX "Kiss". Jay finished her championship easily and was awarded a Group 4 from the classes on her way to her title. Her first time in the ring as a special Jay won a Group 1 and on the same weekend she also received a Group 3! It was decided to let Jay grow up a bit before continuing to special her. She had a lovely litter before continuing her specials career. In just a few weekends out Jay received several BOV's, a few BOS's and a Group 3! She has also started her agility and obedience career, proving to be as amazing of a dog as her famous mother.  

CH Wild Wind's Practical Magic "Phoebe"

Phoebe is our darling girl out of Tegan’s last litter- CH C&J’s White Tie and Tail “Mickey” x BISS/RBIS/Gold GCH Bit O’Heaven’s Sorceress CD,PT,RN,VA “Tegan.


This puppy is our dream girl! She looks so much like her famous mom it makes our hearts melt every time we look at her. She is also very smart and willing to work-at 5 months old she is showing great talent in Herding, Obedience and agility-she is already retrieving her dumbbell and starting on scent work in Obedience! We couldn’t be more excited!

Wild Wind's Shot In The Dark "Flash"


Flash is a lovely young bitch, pictured at 8 months old winning BOV over specials! She has been growing up at Wild Wind Collies and will be back inthe ring in mid 2014 after a VERY special planned litter! Flash's pedigreeis just packed with our well known group placing, group winning, Champion, Performance titled collies! We are SO excited about the prospective litter-AND Flash's future in the breed and performance rings!

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