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I grew up with a collie, as an adolescent, "Lady", was my best friend and confidant. As I grew older I knew that collies were the only breed that I was interested in for my family.


Wild Wind Collies was established in March of 1984 with the purchase of our first collie, Fraelins Ulysses Marches On, a big tri rough male who at 2 1/2 years of age adopted our then 1 year old son. My family was hooked and we have all loved this breed since.



In almost 30 years we have produced over 100 champions and many top performance dogs, we have been included on Collie Expressions list of top producing breeders several times. We are also busy training and showing in obedience, herding and agility. We now have 3 Versatility Excellent bitches and 8 Versatility Award dogs, many of them about to finish the VX with several more just about to their VA-many of these dogs are also multiple group placing, group winning collies. I am a competition obedience instructor by profession and we have had several HIT obedience collies, and the only UDX2 Champion collie. We also have put several herding titles on our dogs through HIAsd with one closing in on her HX, AX and AXJ agility dogs with MX and MXJ legs. Many owners around the country have multi titles, multi-talented collies from Wild Wind Collies.
In 2011 we campaigned the Number 1 smooth collie in breed (through November 1, 2011) Silver GCH Bit O’Heaven’s Sorceress piloted by my daughter Laura Bergstraser-Kling.
Our focus has always been on health, soundness and temperament-along with beauty, we feel that these all go hand in hand to produce the best possible dog that we want to live with. I will never breed a dog for one of these attributes without everything else being there. I feel very proud that we have been pretty ruthless in what we are willing to breed and in all of these years we have never bred from a dog with serious eye problems, bloat, dermatomyositis or any serious skin condition. When we have encountered a health problem, we immediately remove that dog from our breeding program; we will never breed from dogs that have had even minor Demodex or the tiniest coloboma, no matter how beautiful. We test eyes before 10 weeks and again at 2 and 4, always before breeding. We are one by one doing OFA's and are happy to report that all have been good and excellent so far. Our dogs are known for outstanding movement and showmanship. We live in an area where All Breed shows are the most common and I feel that movement is the real way to stay really competitive in all of the arenas I am interested in.


I hope you enjoy my page, I am very proud of my family of dogs!


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